General Info

The main objective of the Psychology undergraduate program, which was established in Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Letters based on formal education and 30% English medium of instruction in 2013-2014 academic year, is to produce graduates who are able to provide qualified services in the various sub-fields of psychology. In this way, it is aimed to gain our country the professional staff who are able to follow the current applied and scientific research-based studies conducted in the field and apply them at a basic level.

Psychologists who have graduated from the program can be employed in a wide range of sectors such as hospitals, universities, nurseries and kindergartens, nursing homes, prisons and detention centers, family courts, psychotechnical assessment centers, special education centers, rehabilitation centers, psychological counseling centers, research centers, industrial organizations, human resources, advertising and media within various ministries such as ministry of health, ministry of family and social policies, ministry of justice and ministry of national education.

Basic psychological services include interviewing and observing with individuals and/or relatives, conducting objective and screening test applications and preparing reports, psychological support, rehabilitation and psycho-educational activities, contributing to Preventive Mental Health Services, organizing and implementing in-service training programs. recruitment, participation in field studies and taking part in research and investigation. Our undergraduate program has a structure formed by the synthesis of national and international universities’ programs and a rich pool of elective courses. Accordingly, specific courses that gain students practical experience to conduct basic psychological services in the field of mental health without the need to take additional training after graduation are particularly included in the program.

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