Is the Master's and Doctoral program opened under the Department of Psychology general or are there separate programs for sub-fields?

Answer: Master’s program offered under the title of “Psychology Master’s Program” has two different modules: Social Psychology and Experimental Psychology. Besides, as of 2019-2020 academic year, students will be accepted in the Clinical Psychology master’s program as a separate graduate field. The PhD program offered under the title of “Psychology PhD Program” also includes two modules: Social Psychology and Applied Psychology. Apart from these areas, we do not have any graduate program (e.g. Developmental Psychology) for other sub-fields of psychology. Each of these different modules determines its own quota each year. These quotas are announced every year on the Graduate School of Social Sciences. Although there are some common compulsory courses in these programs, each has its own pool of elective courses and the student is obliged to choose courses from the elective pool of the module in which the module is registered.

Can the candidate who is accepted one of the modules opened under the Department of Psychology switch to the other modules?

Answer: It is not possible to switch to the other modules.

What kind of questions are asked in graduate science exams?

Answer: There is an open-ended written exam which includes questions about research methods and basic concepts and theories of the applied field. In addition to the written exam, the candidates take the oral exam. The oral exam includes questions about why the applicant has applied to this program, the studies she/he has done so far, and the future goals, as well as the basic concepts and theories of the field.

There is no reference letter among the documents requested by DEU Graduate School of Social Sciences. Is it possible to forward the reference letters to the jury members before the exam?

Answer: Candidates can send their reference letter to the Coordinator of the applied program by post. Address information can be found on our website.

Can the graduates of the undergraduate program of a different department apply to the Graduate Programs in Psychology?

Answer: Psychology graduate program is a prerequisite for graduating from the undergraduate program of psychology and applications from different departments are not accepted. Even if these candidates take the science exam, their exams are not valid.

Is it possible to attend the courses offered in psychology graduate programs as special students?

Answer: For each academic year, the Department of Psychology informs DEU Graduate School of Social Sciences about its special student quota for graduate courses. These quota can be learned from the student affairs of the Graduate School of Social Sciences (http://www.sbe.deu.edu.tr/sbe/sayfa/21).

Can applicants who have not officially graduated yet, but who will graduate in the next academic year, apply for graduate programs?

Answer: In accordance with the regulations of DEU Graduate School of Social Sciences, the applicants must graduate until the online application date. Even if these candidates take the science exam, they are not registered in the program.

Are there suitable laboratory facilities for research conducted under graduate programs?

Answer: There is a Applied Psychology Lab in DEU Psychology Department. In addition, Coordinator of Experimental Psychology Program, Asst. Prof. Derya Durusu EMEK SAVAŞ is working as a laboratory chief and researcher in Neuropsychology and EEG Laboratories at DEU Graduate School of Health Sciences, Department of Neuroscience.

Are there any English language requirements for applying to the Psychology Graduate Programs?

Answer: 30% of the courses of graduate programs offered under the heading of “Psychology Master’s Program / Psychology PhD Program” are in English. The medium of education in the Clinical Psychology master’s program, which is a separate master’s field, is Turkish. Information about the application for a Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree can be found at web page of Graduate School of Social Sciences .


If you have any further questions, please contact the Coordinator of the Program.