Thesis Archive

Master’s theses completed by our graduate students are listed below.

Name-Surname of the Student  Year  Title Thesis Advisor
Canan Erdugan 2016 Cognitive, emotional and behavioral indicators of gratitude in close friendship Assoc. Prof. Arzu Araz
Cennet Yastıbaş 2016 An investigation of psychological distress and quality of life among patients with irritable bowel syndrome in the scope of Leventhal’s self-regulatory model of illness behaviors Prof. Gülay Dirik
Gülşah Durna 2016 Examination of the reactions towards obsessive-compulsive disorder from the perspective of social-cognitive stigma model Prof. Orçun Yorulmaz
Mete Sefa Uysal 2016 Collective actions, leadership and social media: Gezi park case Assoc. Prof. Serap Akfırat
Emir Üzümçeker 2016 Femicide, identification with gender and attribution Assoc. Prof. Serap Akfırat
Leyla Alma 2016 An investigation of smoking dependency in the framework of the metacognitive approach Assoc. Prof. A. Esin Yılmaz Samancı
Zeynep Akyüz 2016 Examining the compulsive buying behavior in the cognitive behavioral model frame Prof. Orçun Yorulmaz
Burcu Ebru Aydoğdu 2017 Factors related with psychological distress and posttraumatic growth in women with breast cancer: Core beliefs, rumination and type C personality Prof. Gülay Dirik
Özlem Yılmaz 2017 Factors associated with abnormal illness behaviors and quality of life in adults: Health anxiety, anxiety sensitivity, health related dysfunctional beliefs and alexithymia Prof. Gülay Dirik
Ayça Aktaç 2017 Examining the effect of intervention including psychoeducation and contacton the public stigma towards obsessive compulsive disorder Prof. Orçun Yorulmaz
Gizem Bozyel 2017 An examination of the mediating role of metacognition in the relationship between childhood trauma and psychological symptoms among undergraduate students Assoc. Prof. A. Esin Yılmaz Samancı
Koray Akkuş 2017 An examination of obesity in relation to adult attacment styles, mood symptoms and metacognitive factors Assoc. Prof. A. Esin Yılmaz Samancı
Çağla Aktaş 2017 Relationship between self-esteem and autobiographical memory Assoc. Prof. İnci Boyacıoğlu
Esen Yangın 2017 Examination of social psychological factors influencing acculturation strategies toward syrian refugees: Hatay case Assoc. Prof. Serap Akfırat
Emir Üzümçeker 2017 The relationship between ingroup favouritism/fair distribution strategies with norms, individual differences and identity motives in minimal group situation Assoc. Prof. Serap Akfırat
Zehra Gem 2018 Development of questionnaires on emotion awareness and emotion myths and an integrative intervention program of emotion regulation: A preliminary examination Prof. Orçun Yorulmaz
Hasan Arslan 2018 Examining posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms within the framework of metacognitive model and emotion regulation strategies Assoc. Prof. A. Esin Yılmaz Samancı
Gülfem Özçelik 2018 Regulatory focus, coping strategies and mental health among women who are exposed to violence Assoc. Prof. İnci Boyacıoğlu
Aybike Çavdar 2018 Psychological resistance, political orientations and feminist identity of women who exposed to violence in their romantic relationship Assoc. Prof. İnci Boyacıoğlu
Emine Akman Direkçi 2018 Emotional expression styles and friendship quality as mediators of the relation between adults’ remembrances of parental acceptance-rejection in childhood and loneliness Assoc. Prof. Arzu Araz
Pınar Acet 2019 Posttraumatic stress symptoms and posttraumatic growth among adults: An investigation within the scope of the autobiographical memory, transformed self and mindful-reappraisal models Prof. Gülay Dirik
Nur Didem Yıldız 2019 Examination of body perception according to cognitive behavioral model: Body dysmorphic disorder and other related factors Prof. Orçun Yorulmaz
Veysel Karazor 2019 An analysis of the intergroup contact, friendship, empathy, anxiety and attitudes of university students from different backgrounds in their dormitory life Prof. Abbas Türnüklü