General Info

Department of Psychology at the Institute of Social Sciences, Dokuz Eylül University has started to accept students into its master’s degree program with thesis in 2013-2014 academic year. Master’s degree program in Psychology is based on scientific research and practice-oriented curriculum. The aim of the program is to help students to acquire skills, experience and specialized knowledge beyond the students’ basic knowledge of psychology, to produce information by following up the current literature and research findings, to transfer and apply effectively the information to related persons/organizations. The medium of education is 30% English and the master program consists of compulsory courses about scientific research and methods and elective courses oriented towards sub-fields of psychology. The main objective of this program is to produce master’s degree psychologists who:

  1. have both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills from different sub-fields of psychology,
  2. are able to adapt their knowledge and skills to new situations and conditions,
  3. are able to reach information and findings at national/international level using different tools,
  4. are able to discuss and produce original knowledge by adapting scientific research methods to various topics in the field,
  5. are able to transfer their produced or acquired knowledge and skills to relevant people and groups effectively,
  6. are aware of their professional responsibilities and who have ethical sensitivity.

Master’s programs in our department are offered under the title of “Psychology”, but there are three different modules: Applied psychology, social psychology, and experimental psychology.

Further information is available at here.